In his book The Long Tail (2006), Chris Andersen outlines a theory based on a common data visualisation pattern where


On May 5, 2018, Donald Glover, an American writer, actor and rapper, hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Performing under his


Broadchurch (Season One, 2013) is a British detective drama that explores the social structures of a beachside community impacted by


In the book Television Culture (1987), Fiske suggests that television programs convey reality through constructed symbols and that semiotic analysis


The Onehunga Powertool Center caters to a mainly commercial clientele, selling professional-grade hardware and repair service. The newly launched optc.co.nz


Worldwide, societies are built upon a capitalist framework with capitalist ideology being largely inescapable. Whether an advertiser is an individual,


When websites grow old, outdated and unloved content can collect dust, hiding away in less visible areas of your site.


The Mercedes-Benz F 015 autonomous car of the future has its branding set somewhere last century and fails to recognise


On 18 August 2015, Jonathan Gaurano uploaded a video montage to YouTube in which he drives for the Uber car-sharing


The term Capitalist Realism was conceived by Michael Schudson (1986) to describe the function of, and techniques employed in, contemporary