Fabletics’ UK Homepage and Registration Process

Fabletics asked me to take a look at fabletics.co.uk to see how the sign up flow could be improved.

Let’s take a look at the above screenshot of their homepage. What are my first impressions as a potential customer? What exactly is Fabletics offering?

  • It’s clear that Fabletics is a shopping club
  • It’s unclear that Fabletics is a sportsware brand
  • It’s unclear that I will only find Fabletics branded clothing

Is Fabletics positioning itself simply as a shopping platform for sportswear, or rather a sportswear brand with a philosophy to empower women? A tagline or message in the header explaining their position would help ease new customers into the site.

What are the Benefits?

So why someone should shop at Fabletics? I believe these are the key benefits:

  • Professionals will select outfits for me based on my tastes and sporting requirements
  • I can try on outfits in the comfort of my own home, with no pressure to buy
  • I can take advantage of discounts of up to 40% on all outfits when becoming a VIP

These benefits are not clear on the homepage or in the registration process. Instead, this box appears at the bottom of the homepage:


Source: fabletics.co.uk Homepage

The contents in this box does well to explain that shopping with Fabletics is flexible and risk free. However, rewriting the text to include the key benefits as well as alleviate any concerns a customer might have could increase the number of signups:

How It Works

A Fabletics’ VIP saves up to 40%


Hand Selected:

Each month we will send you a personalised outfit based on your taste and sporting requirements. If you don’t need an outfit, you can opt to skip the month instead.

Flexible Shopping:

If the outfit is not to your taste, simply end it back. We will send you another, or you can choose to skip that month’s outfit and not be charged.

Risk Free:

You can cancel your VIP Membership at any time by calling our Member Services Team, Monday to Saturday, on 0843 504 1414.

‘The Quiz’ Process

In the header of the page you can see the message:


Taking the quiz leads you through a series of seven screens that should help Fabletics determine your taste. I MUST complete the quiz to sign up…

1. The first step determines what type of sportswear I am after.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

2. The second step asks where I prefer to workout. This is an unnecessary step: a yoga studio, gym or my own home are all indoor spaces. Will this impact if the clothes I’m sent are waterproof or not? I am unsure.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

3. The third step asks about my colour preferences. The problem is it’s hard to understand. There needs to be text associated with the panels because the grouping of the colours is not self explanatory. My guess is that the panels mean 1) grayscale, 2) muted tones, 3) bright colours including the occasional pattern, or 4) even brighter colours.

This may seem like a small detail, but as a new shopper I’m really confused and I cannot leave the modal layer to find out more information. I need more information because I know that Fabletics will send me an outfit based on my selection. To stay on the website I must alter the URL in my browser manually to get back to the homepage. Many users would abandon the site.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

4. Body type: why is lean automatically taller? I don’t identify with any of these body shapes so I selected “I’m one of a kind”. It would be better to skip this screen and ask for my true dimensions (inc. height, waist) instead of limiting it to four shapes only.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

5. In this screen, “I absolutely love showing off my…” could be softened to “I like to accentuate my…” to speak to a wider audience. Many of the outfits have cutout backs and low neck lines but the options ‘back’ and ‘breasts’ are missing from this list. Does “showing off arms” result in singlet tops being sent to me? And does selecting “show off my stomach” mean I will be sent sports bras? The labelling is ambiguous and I’m worried about what is going to be sent to me.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

6. Finally, I’m asked about my sizing. However, it makes sense to get the user on board first and then ask these questions.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

7. After these seven steps I can now sign up. The signup form is clear and simple, but I have clicked through ten buttons to get to this screen, and that is far too many.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz

8. After hitting the ‘sign up and shop’ button I land on another modal layer. Am I a member now? A ‘Thank you’, ‘Congratulations’, or ‘Welcome’ would let me know that I successfully signed up. I can only assume that my registration was successful.

Disappointingly, the final screen creates distrust. It is a timed offer where I have one hour to make a purchase. I feel misled because I thought that my first purchase would be at the introductory price and it was not mentioned that this offer would time out. I’m also confused as to why I need to shop for an outfit when I went through a quiz so that Fabletics could send me an outfit.

Personally, I would not go on to make a purchase from a shop that uses pressure to generate a sale. I want to be valued as a VIP and this is not VIP treatment.


Source: fabletics.co.uk Quiz


The Fabletics signup process is unnecessarily long and disorientating for the user. The questions I’m asked to determine what outfits should be sent to me need to be phrased precisely and ideally asked after the signup process. If theses questions need to be asked before registration, they should be limited to one page only.