Media Theory

Niche Culture & Chris Andersen’s Long Tail Theory

In his book The Long Tail (2006), Chris Andersen outlines a theory based on a common data visualisation pattern where

Donald Glover: A Star? An Auteur? Or Both?

On May 5, 2018, Donald Glover, an American writer, actor and rapper, hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Performing under his


Ideology in the Broadchurch Television Series

Broadchurch (Season One, 2013) is a British detective drama that explores the social structures of a beachside community impacted by

Fiske’s Model of Social Codes in Mr. Robot

In the book Television Culture (1987), Fiske suggests that television programs convey reality through constructed symbols and that semiotic analysis

Why Society Needs Advertising

Worldwide, societies are built upon a capitalist framework with capitalist ideology being largely inescapable. Whether an advertiser is an individual,

Sexting and Capitalist Realism in #mycalvins Autumn 2015 Campaign

The term Capitalist Realism was conceived by Michael Schudson (1986) to describe the function of, and techniques employed in, contemporary

Sanzer Hand Gel Print Advert

Probably the grubbiest print advert ever made, this Sanzer Hand Gel advert by Bangkok-based advertising agency Chuo Senko is reminiscent of