Vitra Home’s Landing Page

I have shown how Vitra Home’s website navigation could be optimized, and this is my suggestion for how the content on their landing page could be curated.

Here is the full page layout of how the navigation and modules all fit together if you want to skip ahead and see the final result.

Landing Page Carousel

Visitors should immediately see products when they come to the page, but they also need to be inspired and energized by the beautiful photography that Vitra is famous for.

A carousel allows for both product and editorial curation. The above carousel template highlights one product, while the one below shows four.


Source: Photos and products from Module design by Natalie Kane,

Products need to be shown with prices. While a Vitra shopper may value quality over cost, all shoppers are motivated by price. If I navigate to a page and the object is too expensive, it is a frustrating shopping experience.


Product & Editorial Modules

The following modules have been ordered to alternate product images and inspirational settings. These could be reordered depending on their success after analysing the site’s analytics.

Here Vitra could showcase their bestsellers. This would ideally be controlled by a tool in the backend where the products can be changed out and reordered regularly.


Source: Products and product photography from Module design by Natalie Kane,

The Inspiring Homes module could allow Vitra to showcase their products in different settings to further inspire their customers.

Source: Photos from Module design by Natalie Kane,

Similar to the Our Bestsellers module, the New Additions module could allow Vitra to highlight new product offerings. This also mixes classic furniture design with new furniture design on the page.

Source: Products and product photography from Module design by Natalie Kane,

From Our Magazine could draw attention to the vast amounts of quality editorial content that Vitra publishes, helping new customers better connect to the Vitra brand.

Source: Photos from Module design by Natalie Kane,


Trusted Shopping

The benefits of shopping online are not currently communicated to the customer on the landing page. Additionally, the Shipping Information and Returns and Exchanges pages have a stern tone and don’t encourage the user to purchase.

Three key benefits of shopping on Vitra @ Home could be:

  1. Shop in Comfort
  2. Personal Customer Service
  3. Direct to Your Door


Source: Photo of phone operator by plantronicsgermany (CC BY-ND 2.0). Two photos, left and right, of people lounging from Module design by Natalie Kane,


SEO Text & Footer

The SEO text has also been reduced in size and colour and no longer looks as if it is editorial content. The contents of this text could possibly be included into the other content modules on the page to show Google that it is integrated content.

The footer is global across the website, so this has been left untouched although it could be optimized.


The Finished Product

Here is the full page layout of how the navigation and modules all fit together (and a screen grab of the current Vitra Home landing page for comparison)