UX & Product Optimization


The Onehunga Powertool Center caters to a mainly commercial clientele, selling professional-grade hardware and repair service. The newly launched optc.co.nz


When websites grow old, outdated and unloved content can collect dust, hiding away in less visible areas of your site.


The Mercedes-Benz F 015 autonomous car of the future has its branding set somewhere last century and fails to recognise


The POC21 is a five week camp where 12 open source and potentially world-bettering projects are worked on by over


If the Bikini Berlin mall was a website, the bounce rate would be high and sales conversion low. It’s maze-like


I have shown how Vitra Home’s website navigation could be optimized, and this is my suggestion for how the content

Vitra Hero Image Concept

Vitra is one of my all-time favourite brands, so when Vitra Home asked me to suggest a new layout for their


Midway through 2014, I was approached by Studio Eyal Burstein to launch and distribute the Bloom Blanket.Having mainly worked with digital


At L’ArcoBaleno, a curated marketplace for historical and contemporary design, we used Agile and Scrum development methodologies to produce magazine-style


Fabletics asked me to take a look at fabletics.co.uk to see how the sign up flow could be improved. Let’s take a